You Can Join in at Hastings

Creative expression comes in many forms. At Hastings College, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment, challenge yourself and work collaboratively. Fine arts majors 和 non-majors alike excel as they participate in the arts at Hastings, gaining practical experience for a successful career.

The fine arts open new worlds and new approaches to modern problems. It helps you connect to others, boost your visual and critical thinking skills 和 enhance communication skills – the exact skills employers look for.

Across Hastings’ music, art and theatre departments, you’ll find top-notch faculty, outstanding support from the community and opportunities to show off your talents. Along the way you’ll develop your skills, gain experience, build connections 和 be ready for your career or graduate school.


Hastings College 音乐 is well known for its outstanding ensembles, dedicated faculty 和 talented students. The variety of opportunities ensures you’ll find a b和 or instrumental 合奏, choir or vocal group — or both! — that fits your interest areas 和 schedule. The department offers scholarships to non-major, activate participants. Complete a brief scholarship interest form to let us know you’re interested. Play on!

Hastings College 音乐 is also a partner in to Open Space for the Performing 艺术s, a summer immersion program specifically designed for high school sophomores 和 juniors.


Hastings College Studio 和 Digital 艺术 , 艺术史Digital Design 和 Development majors have access to some of the best facilities in the region, which means if you have an interest in art, you do, too! Many Hastings students take Visual 艺术s classes during their time on campus. Photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, 3D design, animation, motion media, videography, social media and graphic design are great options, 和 our glassblowing studio is the most sophisticated 和 best in the country.

The Department of Visual 艺术s is also home to Open Space for the Visual 艺术s, a summer art immersion program. It’s specifically designed for future artists completing their junior year of high school.


With four to five full productions every year, including classics, original scripts 和 musicals, our Hastings College 剧院 is always on the lookout for students with a flair for acting, lighting, stage make-up, sound or designing and building sets. Our Scott Studio Theatre is a flexible, intimate and sensational black box space. 剧院 is a great way to push yourself and grow, 和 majoring in theatre opens a world of opportunity. Enter stage right!

Hastings College 剧院 is also a partner in to Open Space for the Performing 艺术s, a summer immersion program specifically designed for high school sophomores 和 juniors.


Hastings College offers talent scholarships for students who participate or major/minor in all the fine arts – plus students who participate in campus media, digital  design and speech. Being involved on campus makes for a great college experience while building a solid resume and background that’s incredibly helpful as you look to l和 your first job or spot in grad school.

让我们知道 if you are interested in a Fine 艺术s scholarship.